Withdrawing from full-time working life

The first two months since we left Saudi Arabia and with that my full time employment we stayed in our penthouse in Tala, a small coastal mountain village in Cyprus. We received 900 Kg personal goods from Al-Khobar, unpacked all our cloths, souvenirs, personal items, books and picture frames and re-arranged our home in Tala. We organized our insurances, changed addresses and adjusted investments to become fully disconnected from Dow Chemical.Working as an expatriate for this great global company meant that we were depended on it for most of the important things in life e.g. our housing, our transportation, our income, our medical insurances, our security and last but not least Frank's professional career. Leaving all that was a rather daunting experience! However, after 33 years of fulltime employment, we both felt a freedom about our own time, with no timelines, no professional commitments but also no daily structure to call for. Francien and I are self-starters and quickly started to build a new routine with three times a week early morning personal fitness training sessions. With more time available Frank did increase his running exercises as well and was able to complete the half marathons in Cyprus and Berlin.