After 33 years of a truly international life style and raising two daughters, Frank and his wife Francien decided to withdraw from a 24/7 active working life. Frank has enjoyed a rewarding and financial lucrative expatriate working life with a global operating American Petrochemical company with numerous assignments in Europe, USA, Africa and Middle East.

Frank and Francien decided in 2015 to make the big step and embark on an early retirement life (Frank was 57 years of age). They both did not know what that new phase in their life would look like, apart from being nomadic as they want to continue an expatriate lifestyle.

The purpose of this blog is to share how they found purpose and direction, while being in full control of their own time. This blog is NOT about how to become financial independent nor about what place is the best place to retire in.

This blog is about a journey to find new meaning and goals in a more mindful lifestyle, opposed to a global corporate working lifestyle driven by frenetic timelines and obligations.