Frank & Francien in Beijng

About Us

Both born, raised and educated in The Netherlands, Frank and Francien left their home country in 1982 in search for some adventure. Back then they intended to return within a few years, but indeed they never did! They immigrated to South Africa where their first daughter was born in Kempton Park. In 1986 Frank joined an American Multinational Petrochemical company and started a 28 year international career. They were posted in Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, USA, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The youngest daughter was born in The Netherlands to move to Germany when she was only 2 months old. Frank and Francien have provided their two daughters Marcella and Winnie with a truly international upbringing supported by an excellent global network of International Schools and communities. Both now live and work respectively in Kuala Lumpur and Berlin.

In his first book 'International Roaming' Frank has captured this peripatetic family life.

Frank and Francien decided to change their lifestyle and withdrew from a fulltime professional working life. They left their last professional expatriate assignment in Saudi Arabia in March 2015 and have now established their ‘base’ in Malaysia.

Too driven to settle down in one place, something they really do not know how to do, they are determined to further explore the world, meet different cultures and places and taking on assignments that will challenge them.

They do not plan to be bored and therefore their bucket list is long and they have started to tick it off!